Biggin Hill Society

Programme of Talks – 2018

All Talks start at 8pm at the WI Hall,

Lebanon Gardens, Biggin Hill

January 4th Michael Smith - Sir Ernest Shackleton – The Man and Myths

Much is known about Capt Scott and his polar expeditions, yet although the name of Shackleton may be familiar, far less is known about this intrepid explorer.

February 1st Michael Bunn – The East of France

A trip along the lesser know parts of France in the shadow of the Alps

March 1st Russell Bowes, The Tale of the Tulip

In the middle of the 14th century, a beautiful and exotic visitor from the east set foot on European soil for the very first time. Russell’s talk follows the spectacular rise and fall of this beautiful garden flower. 

April 5th Joe Mendell – Bob Newhart rides again

Actor, director and theatre buff Joe Mendell treats us to a selection of comic monologues made famous by the comedian Bob Newhart.

May 3rd SELSAR - the work of the search and rescue dogs

Members of this essential volunteer organisation will talk to us about their work, finishing with a meet and greet the dogs session with some of the dogs they employ.

June 7th Gilly Halcrow – Whatever Happened to Christopher Robin

Looking at the life and times of CR Milne. Was he a happy boy and adult, or did that little bear overshadow his life. With beautiful slides of the enchanted places on the Ashdown Forest, the Milne Family, and the real Winnie the Pooh.

July 5th Guy Bartlett – Concorde

The revolutionary design. The problems of super-sonic flight. Flying Concorde. The crash - what the authorities didn’t tell you. And experience of a super-sonic flight.

August 2nd Andy Thomas, ‘The story of English freedom’

From the rebellions of Boudicca against Roman invaders to the Peasants’ Revolt and the modern Poll Tax riots, from the truly revolutionary ideas put forward in Cromwellian times to influential movers and shakers such as Thomas Paine, the Suffragettes and George Orwell, ‘Freedom’ has always been a key issue in English history.

September 6th Peter Bull – A window through the Universe

Take a trip through our galaxy in the company of a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society, with slides of space, stars, planets etc. A model of our universe based on the main theories of our time. Expect Quantum, Relativity, Chaos & String theories, all simply explained.

October 4th Delia Taylor – Every Night Something Awful

The story of the Entertainments National Service Association. Ensure your vocal cords are well lubricated and in top condition if you want to join in with the popular songs of the day.

November 1st Keith Simmons – Name Dropping

A humorous account of 40 years in show business

December 6th To Be Announced

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