Biggin Hill Society

Programme of Talks – 2017

All Talks start at 8pm at the WI Hall,

Lebanon Gardens, Biggin Hill

January 5th John Halligan - 'Paintings in the Guildhall Art Gallery'.

The background stories and analysis of details in the paintings hung in the City Guildhall.

February 2nd Ian Bevan - Roman London

A look at the Roman City. From around 50 AD, to its decline in the 5th century.

March 2nd Alan Haines - ‘What is Art?

The Dada art movement, of the early 20th century, was influenced by the French artist, Marcel Duchamp. So too were the iconic comedy group of the 1960s, The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band. With recorded music, silent films and animations we consider the question.

April 6th- Medical detection dogs

A talk about these amazing animals which monitor their owners for epilepsy, diabetes and other conditions.

May 4th Chris McCooey - Birds, Beasts &Bacchanalia of Kent & Sussex
The Dartford warbler, Kentish plover and Sandwich tern; why Thomas A’Becket banned nightingales from singing and the delicacy that once were wheatears. The dog hanged at Tyburn and the one who adopted a badger cub; the big cats roaming wild; Sussex dragons; plus many more oddities from South East England.

June 1st Russell Bowes - The inexhaustible Mr. Paxton

plantsman, Head Gardener to the Duke of Devonshire, architect, designer of the "Crystal Palace", inventor, MP publisher, owner of "Punch" Magazine, railway magnate and the first man to produce a flower from the Giant Amazonian Waterlily in Europe, this talk looks at the rags-to-riches tale of the 19th century's most extraordinary (and seemingly inexhaustible!) man, Joseph Paxton.

July 6th Gilly Halcrow – The Shetland Bus
During WWII the Norwegian resistance and the Royal Navy combined to provide transport between the Scottish Isles and the Norwegian mainland. Dodging U-boats, minefields, battleships and the storms of the Artic winters.

August 3rd Delia Taylor The Pre-Raphaelites – their lives, lovers and legacy

A look at the formation of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood and at the paintings that made them famous. The brotherhood led to the Arts and Craft Movement in which William Morris, a great friend of the members, embraced their art through textiles and wallpaper. Their work was copied by architects, jewellers, interior and fashion designers and evolved into the style known as Art Nouveau.

September 7th Toni Mount - Richard the Third, King of Controversy

Much mystery surrounds this English King. Even the humped back depicted in some paintings cannot be taken at face value.

October 5th Simon Waterfield - The Agincourt Archer -

The dramatised monologue about war and remembrance by a fourteenth century archer and his experiences in France at Agincourt. From the archer’s journey to Dover to join the army; meeting Chaucer and pilgrims on the way to Canterbury. The archer tells of his experiences at war at Agincourt, how they affected him on his return and his reflections on the meaning of war and remembrance.

November 2nd John Short - 'WWI ordinary soldier and their equipment

WW1 ordinary soldier and his equipment - An entertaining talk about the British, French and German soldiers of the First World War and their equipment. With short extracts of songs and poems and original items to see and touch.

December 7th TO BE ANNOUNCED

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