TALKS START AT 8.00pm (Doors Open 7.30pm)



7th January John Halligan The Life & Times of Samuel Pepys

The life of the famous diarist Samuel Pepys and some of the important events in London between 1660 and 1669.

4th February Martin Heard Marie Antoinette -Let them eat cake

Marie-Antoinette remains one of the most controversial figures in French history. Married at the age of fifteen, and then Queen in 1774 at the age of nineteen, she was ony thirty-seven when executed by guillotine in 1793 during the height of the French Revolution. But have the history books given her a fair hearing?

3rd March Michael Bunn - Journey to the East

Singapore, HongKong and Sidney. Michael returns for a third visit to guide us through the Orient and on to Australia.

7th April Dave Witherspoon, The badgers of Kent

These fascinating animals are probably our most intelligent indigenous mammal. Most people consider them to be a shy retiring animal that is rarely seen, but here we see them to have much in common with ourselves. Gregarious, house proud and adept at overcoming obstacles.

5th May Steve Desson, Vietnam

Steve's fourth talk to us, and yet another first for the Biggin Hill Society, takes us into a country that has been ravaged by the most brutal war, and is now seeking to take it's place in a modern global society.

2nd June Ian Bevan Victorian Leisure and Pleasure.

The Victorians, with their large and close knit families and wealth from the Industrial Revolution, were the first people where all social classes had money to spare on leisure. But how did they take their pleasures?

7th July Gilly Halcrow - Shopping through the ages in England

From the Medieval guilds, pedlars and chartered markets to Victorian shops mail order and the first supermarkets.

4th August Wilf Lower - Under Billowing Sails

For over five thousand years sailing ships provided the most economic and efficient means of carrying people and cargoes, culminating in the clipper tallships racing across the world’s oceans. The development of these ships, how their tough crews survived, and the creation of modern day ‘replicas’ are described, together with their astounding contribution to the English language!

1st September Pam Goodall - Pam-on-a-bike.

Pam Goodall describes her incredible 10,000 mile ride around the world on a pedal cycle.

6th October The work of Kent Surrey & Sussex Air Ambulance.

A member of the charitable trust which operates this service will talk to us about their work. A must for all helicopter fans.

3rd November Peter Talbot - A ski touring expedition in Greenland

Man-hauling their supplies over 100km of ice and snow, and navigating unexplored slopes. Peter will take us on a journey through a cold, unforgiving landscape, with slides and video of the expedition.

1st December Joy Lewis & Derrick Hughes

Derrick & Joy return to entertain us with a range of instruments and musical styles from medieval to modern day. A members only event, but temporary membership can be purchased for the day.

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