Meetings start at 8pm at

WI Hall, Lebanon Gardens, Biggin Hill, TN16 3HA

Non-members £2, all welcome, tea & coffee available

January 8th - Meeting Cancelled

February 5th Steve Desson - “Kenya Safari”

A trip that takes you from Nairobi, down to Amboseli, back up to Lake Naivasha and finishes off in the Masai Mara, including Nairobi and the huge slum, Kibera, there. Then on to Mount Kilimanjaro.

March 5th Alison Bristo - “Orangutans in Borneo”

Logging and forestry clearance for human settlement is having a devastating effect on the numbers of these gentle giants whom the Burmese people call 'the old man of the woods'. Without drastic action they will be extinct in the wild within our generation.

April 2nd Michael Bunn “Around the Coast of France”

Calling at some of the picturesque harbours, ancient towns and resorts, along the shores of the English Channel, Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea.

May 7th Neil Arnold - “Mystery animals in Kent'

Neil is an author and researcher who has studied the eye witness reports and evidence for the presence of non-native species living wild in Kent.

June 4th Wilf Lower - “Lost Empires, the last days of music hall and variety”

Wilf’s early life was surrounded by music hall and variety performers as the family home provided ‘digs’ for ‘pros’ appearing at local theatres. A light hearted look at the theatres, the performers (in front and behind the curtain) from Marie Lloyd and Max Miller to Ken Dodd and Gracie Fields

July 2nd John Wagstagg - “From Shillibeer to Borismaster - The Story of the London Bus”

An illustrated presentation of how the much-loved London omnibus has developed from its first rickety appearance on the cobbled streets in 1829 to the rather more sophisticated conveyances which millions of Londoners and visitors now use every day.

August 6th John Halligan – 'How Charing got its Cross'

This talk describes a love story from 13th Century England and how the King built a series of memorials to his late wife, some of which survive today. Included are fascinating details from life in the medieval period.

September 3rd Brian Williamson – 'RAF Control system and Biggin Hill's role in its development'

Appropriately for the 75th anniversary of the 'Battle of Britain', and the month in which Goering shifted his strategy from bombing airfields to mass civilian bombings, Brian talks to us about the RAF Control system which guided fighter pilots on to their targets. Biggin Hill played a major role in developing the system and also the Sector Clock, seen prominently displayed in film shots of RAF control rooms of that period.

October 1st Geoff Hutchinson - JOHN (MAD JACK) FULLER

Delivered in costume, in the first person, the life of the eccentric Georgian squire. No slides but large visuals. This actor/author comes highly recommended by a number of people and should be a very entertaining evening.

November 5th Melanie Gibson-Barton - “Wandering in Flanders Fields” A poignant walk through the well known, and lesser known, sites of WWI battle fields in Flanders. A timely reminder as Armistice Day approaches. Accompanied by high quality photographs.

December 3rdAlan and Vera Baker - "Ghosts of Christmas Past" A members only social event with a mix of songs, readings, reminiscences and recitations from the first half of the twentieth century. Accompanied by our usual seasonal refreshment.

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